This home is of modern design, which was integrated into its surroundings with movement and angles due to its proximity to the water. It presents a modern architecture embraced with a system of beams that makes the space unlike no other. Located on a lot surrounded by water, the project integrates the exterior spaces with the interior.

It has a pool that appears to connect with the water of the lagoon and with the interior of the house. Water views are predominate within the central spaces. The height of the large windows allows for a stunning view of the landscape and all of its beauty

The ample ventilation allows the breeze from the lagoon to provide a wonderful vacation-like feeling. Characterized by its light capturing windows surroundings the home, it truly is one of the most open, special homes available anywhere!

Dimensions287 m2Height6 m
LocationMuelles, Puertos del Lago, Escobar- Argentina
Dimensions287 m2
LocationMuelles, Puertos del Lago, Escobar - Argentina
Height6 m
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