Casa Yacht Hormigón

Casa Hormigón

This project was created with a unique and innovative design with the premise of integrating the comforts of the inside with the harmonious nautical environment outside, achieving the feeling of floating amongst the sailboats and cruises. The Casa Barco de Hormigon is a totally different design than what is presented in current architecture. Inspired by the moorings, sailing and cruising environment, this majestic space is completely built of concrete with nautical lines never seen in modern architectural construction, The interior of the project boasts concrete overhangs, decorative wall details that surprise and invite observation of each space to discover that each detail is designed to appreciate.

The design uses sunlight and moonlight to form geometric figures that move throughout the interior, changing the sensations according to the time of day and night, achieving design movements at different times. This natural light plays with the curved partitions and impressive staircase to make one experience every design detail with every step.

With this project, one will surely experience different environmental changes at varying moments, For instance, the jacuzzi with waterfall integrates the river elevation surrounded by 12 foot palm trees situated inside the home, overlooking the moorings and cruises, Also, an unprecedented fire table for moments in the afternoon or winters outside add to the creative design. By integrating the views of the river from each and every one of its vantage points, , this makes this design creative and innovative with maximum expression.

Year 2016 End 2018
Dimensions 560 m2 Height 6 m
Location Yacht, Nordelta - Argentina
Year 2016
Dimensions 560 m2
Location El Yacht, Nordelta - Argentina
End 2018
Height 6 m
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