Hestia House presents geometric lines on its facade that are repeated in the cantilevers of the beams, giving it a unique, linear movement with an avant-garde tone. Its materiality and shape give it an organic character, achieving integration into nature, which is present in all its environments and spatiality, integrating the inside and outside in a logical, orderly and natural way.

The design plays with the natural light of the sun, achieving a symbiosis between the work and nature through the lights and shadows that pass through it, causing different atmospheres at different times of daylight.

Año 2010 Finalización 2012
Dimensiones 290 m2 Altura 6 m
Ubicación El Golf. Nordelta - Argentina
Año 2021
Dimensiones 286 m2
Ubicación Carpinchos, Nordelta - Argentina
Finalización 2022
Altura 6 m
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