Kali house, It highlights its slabs and beams outlining its forms, marked by its particular black color, which has been introduced by the LAGO Architects in modern architecture. It integrates nature into its interior and exterior, enhancing it through the black / green contrast.

With diagonal lines, the hallmark of LAGO Architects, it is anchored to the ground at one of its vertices and with a sequence of columns it begins its movement to gain enveloping force and travel the entire perimeter through slabs that give it strength and dynamism, along with movement and horizontality.

Año 2021 Finalización 2022
Dimensiones 308 m2 Altura 6 m
Ubicación Carpinchos Nordelta - Argentina
Año 2021
Dimensiones 308m2
Ubicación Carpinchos, Nordelta - Argentina
Finalización 2022
Altura 6 m
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