Design / Draft / Proyect

Maximiliano Lago’s work, highlighted by its vanguardistas (visionary) designs, creates projects visually based with high impact for the needs of customers, using all the creativity that distinguishes his designs from all others.

In the second stage of the project, documentation and plans necessary for approval and construction is done full throttle, in order to meet all deadlines on time, every time!


The execution of the construction is supervised by our entire team, the firm's construction company is Estudio Azteca and it only builds in Buenos Aires. We maintain consistent communication with the client and the unions involved, coordinating each job and runtime. Every planning detail is well documented and tracked. These, along with our vast training and experience, are the keys that ensure we optimise construction and make best use of resources and work time.

The following up of each detail and programming of , to-gether with our ample experience, is the key that character-izes us, for optimal buildings.